What COVID-19 is teaching us?

  1. “Money” Do not use it all. “save money” to use when needed. Because in times of crisis some people may have some money But some people do not have money at all.
  2. “Your job” You must love your existing job. Must be diligent and give importance, because after this does not There is a guarantee of stability. You have to be the employee that the company needs in order to work for him “worth” so he will continue to hire.
  3. “Lovers” include all family members, relatives, lovers or
    Best friends, do “good relationships” to each other let your love for each other come out today. Because of farewell may be without saying goodbye
  4. “Time” must be take it well, do not let time pass by in vain
    Because everyone is thinking that there older may be at least 70-80
    Years but from now will not be like that anymore
  5. “Body” must be maintained to the best of Do not say that there is no time healthy body will be “Immunity” against various diseases, living
    Under a strong body Will make us have a better quality of life
  6. “Mind” must make “refreshed”, not suffering, not worried about small things. Ignore bad people and your life must be in the present without being caught up in the past or worried about the future that is yet to come.
  7. “Life” requires your life to be worthwhile Because in the future, no one knows that time
    How will life change? “Feel good about life”
    Take care of yourself, love yourself, believe in yourself and be proud of your own life.

Many people say that when COVID-19 is over.
you will go back to life “as usual”. going on a trip, eating, going to socializing.

If this is the case Meaning that we may not “learn” from the cause
This time, if COVID-19 is over, ask everyone to make a promise to you and your life will not be “the same” again.

We will live a “better” life. More “value” By having simple happiness from the “things we have” in life, doing the best
With “the people we love and love us” save “money” for life
And important things “Help others” in ways that we can help.

Someone says that COVID-19 has changed our world.
But we will say that We will never be the same because
Our lives from now on will be “better” and “best” in new life forms.

Learn to turn “crisis” into “opportunity”.
We should learn from this “crisis”. to know the value of life a lot
even more this is the “opportunity” that is taught to every human being on this planet, regardless of get rich or have to turn to know the value of the word “Love and preserve in
every breath of us “To the best

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