Artificial Intelligence How smart is AI ?

During this period, we will see news about AI often and also see articles that use the word AI often as well. Even if the article is not related to AI at all. This is precisely because AI has been part of our lives. There is also a “fear” and “misunderstanding” in the AI ​​caused by the rapid change that creates a gap in technology.

How intelligent AI must be said to be as intelligent as “humans”. Because each type of AI was developed specifically for each job, such as Alpha Go is a system that is used to play Mak. Will not be able to play very aggressive, for example What can intelligence come from AI? According to the name Artificial Intelligence, which translates to artificial intelligence, means that the intelligence of the AI ​​is due to mimic human intelligence. By having the computer do the processing And as an action occurs

This intelligence is caused by “Remember” (“Recognition”) and “Analysis” (Recognize). Therefore, AI can be intelligent, resulting from 3 factors, which are

  1. The initial set of data must be of sufficient size And good enough quality
  2. Complex processing mechanisms And has a mechanism for decision making
  3. Processing system that requires strength. In this case, it is a computer system that must have both Memory and CPU that has enough power for complex processing.

AI can be smarter. People who create AI must be smarter, but AI can work faster. And as effective as or maybe more than humans because AI has no Bias and no fatigue, while “humans” have “emotions” in the operation.
However, what “humans” can do more than AI is to do a variety of things. And able to understand new things Can continue while AI will understand old things Deeper and most of the jobs that AI can do are repetitive jobs

The AI ​​that has been trained and has good evaluation. Can be a very powerful tool Because it can “remember” and “analyze” so fast and complex that sometimes “humans” themselves may not be able to do that job as well as AI.
But if we are not able to understand the mechanism of AI, it will be “Fear” which this fear Can be destroyed by learning and adapting
AI is not smarter than us, and AI is not as scary as you think. On the other hand, “humans” are smart and “humans” are scary too.

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